Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips

Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips allows you to test the level of glucose in your blood in the convenience of your home. Each pack consists of 100 butterfly test strips that are to be used with a FreeStyle Lite System only. FreeStyle meters use coulometer for accurate and reliable results every time. Testing with these blood glucose test strips is simple, quick, and virtually pain-free. These diabetic testing strips do not need any coding and are meant for in vitro diagnostic use alone. Make sure you are aware of the directions and warnings before use.

Product Features

  • Virtually pain-free testing.
  • No coding required.
  • For self-testing.
  • 2 boxes of 50 strips 100 total Mail order packs
  • Use only with the FreeStyle Lite Systems.


2 thoughts on “Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips

  1. Outdated, Outrageous Lifetime Distributors did NOT say the expiration date would be in 30 DAYS. Amazon had to ask me to email them because they had not responded to my order in 2 weeks. Do not buy from Lifetime Distributors.

  2. Good product-great price! I have only been diagnosed just over a year, but these strips have always worked well for me. The only thing I would say is that when ordering the 100 at a time the supplier failed to tell you ahead that you would be receiving them in 5 bottles of 10 and one of 50. The smaller bottles ended up being handy, but it is not what was advertised for sale.

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