Conductive Cuff for TENS Electrode Pain Treatment & Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Electrotherapy (Silver Thread – Universal One Size Fits All)

Conductive Therapy Shop’s unique conductive cuffs are woven with a special silver filament to maximize both conductivity and comfort. Commonly recommended by many Physicians and Specialists, conductive cuffs are used in conjunction with TENS units and other types of electrotherapy devices for the treatment and management of various types of pain. See the indications information list below for more details.

Conductive garments are commonly recommended to patients for use in the treatment and management of pain associated with many of the following: Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Cancer, Degenerative Joint Disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Sports Injuries, Accidents, Post-Surgery Swelling, Post-Surgery Healing, Foot , Ankle & Lower Leg Abnormalities, Hand, Wrist & Forearm Abnormalities, and many other conditions.

Electrotherapy can be performed in the convenience and safety of your own home. It is simple, proven, and often provides almost immediate results. Electrotherapy can prevent the need for powerful and often dangerous medications. Many users report that electrotherapy is relaxing, enjoyable, soothing and energizing. Electrotherapy sessions often dramatically reduce pain and are also known to help improve the quality of sleep after treatment.

NOTE: All conductive garments must be used in conjunction with an electrotherapy device, purchased separately.

NOTE: For best results, use all conductive garments with either conductive electrolyte spray, purchased separately. When using conductive gel, apply gel generously to hands, feet, or other area to be treated before wearing the garment. When using conductive spray, generously saturate the fabric of the conductive garment before wearing.

NOTE: Conductive Cuffs can be used as a negative ground electrode when coupled with a sock or glove. Cuffs can also serve as active positive electrode for treating pain in the lower legs and arms.

Product Features

  • Used in electrotherapy for treatment of Diabetes, Neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Post-op Swelling, Pain Management, etc.
  • Allows for treatment of the lower leg and foot or lower arm and hand in conjunction with conductive socks or gloves
  • Compatible with Healthmate, Omron, XFT, Acclaim Digital, TENS, EMS, Rebuilder, Ultima Neuro, and other standard electrotherapy devices
  • Universal One Size Fits All construction fits any calf or forearm, and works with TENS, Rebuilder, and other electrotherapy devices
  • 1 Cuff (Not a pair) and 1 electrode lead wire adaptor are included, REQUIRES Electrotherapy device sold separately


One thought on “Conductive Cuff for TENS Electrode Pain Treatment & Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Electrotherapy (Silver Thread – Universal One Size Fits All)

  1. I bought a sock, glove, and cuff, and some spray from the same seller. This review covers all these items and so I’ll post it under each one.When I first saw the socks advertised I thought that I could wear one around the house all day and treat pain flare ups whenever needed. In reality though the wires that go to my Tens machine get in the way and make this unwise. I also noticed that it was better to sit still and let the treatment work than trying to move around which causes the current to become less consistant.The current in the sock and glove vary depending on a number of things. I have only used the cuff as a ground. Probably the key thing that I notice is that I need to keep everything fairly damp to keep the current strong. If I don’t wet the socks, gloves, cuffs with enough spray before the treatment they start to dry out and this reduces the current and also causes the area around where the wire snaps to the fabric to become prickly. The spray I bought from the seller works great for this. I wouldn’t recommend using the garments without the spray.I also did some experimenting and find that I get a stronger current by turning the socks and gloves inside out. You can see the silver thread woven into the fabric. In the sock and glove I received it seems like the thread is closer to the surface on the outside.The sock fits good. I wear size 10 and it stretches to fit like any other sock. I got the medium to large size glove and that also fits. I don’t know if it would fit someone with extremely large hands though. The cuff could be bigger. I have large calves and the fit is very snug. It is stretching out as I use it but I would prefer a slightly larger size.To sum things up, I am satisfied with the sock, glove, and cuff that I bought. I hadn’t tried this kind of electrode before (I have used almost every kind and shape of gel pad) and find that the sock and glove really get right to the pain. I think this is because they completely cover my whole hands and feet and so they are able to hit all the pain at once. They work much better than the pads.If there were 4.5 stars that is what I would give the sock and glove.

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