The Glycemic Index Diet Simplified: A Concise and Easy to Read Guide on the G.I Glycemic Index Diet

Let’s face it: counting calories is tough, takes the fun out of life, and makes you seem extremely unsociable. Besides, who but a nutritionist can really do it correctly?

That’s where the Glycemic Index Diet comes in.

This was developed in the 1980s by Dr. David J. Jenkins, a nutrition professor at the University of Toronto, to help diabetics manage their diets and their weight. It was further added to by two Australian professors whose work will be discussed further in chapter 3.

So now you’re thinking: “but I’m not a diabetic!”

(Unless you are, of course)

Regardless of whether or not you are a diabetic, the Glycemic Index Diet is great for shedding those pounds with a minimum of fuss, though effort on your part is required, of course.

The Glycemic Index (or “GI” for short), by the way, is nothing more than a way of measuring the effect the carbohydrate content of certain foods affect your body. Specifically, it determines how these impact your blood sugar levels, which in turn affects how much energy you have, your mood, and yes, your weight.

What it does not do is to consider the fat or caloric content of food.

This is good news. This is very good news, because it means that the range of things you can eat just got a whole lot bigger than other diets provide.

Sounds good?

The advantage of the GI Diet is that it involves a very simple eating plan composed largely of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The things your mother told you were good for you, and she was right!


…So, are you searching for an Easy and Straightforward way to Learn about The Glycemic Index Diet?

Well your search ends here… “The Glycemic Index Diet, Simplified” is an efficient answer to the most common questions related to the (G.I) Glycemic Index Diet.

Note: This book is shorter than most other Glycemic Index Diet Books or Dummies Books.
Reason: I have removed a lot of the “Fluff” that usually fill up some of these books and get straight to the point (actually I’ve replaced it with a little humor and maybe a little rant here and there, *wink). This is not a recipe book but I have included a few useful meal plans to help you get started…also, there’s no long autobiography… (After all you are really only interested in learning about the Glycemic Index Diet…right?).

Another thing…if you are easily offended then this may not be for you, see…I am what you can call a “straight talker”…so you will either love my tone or you won’t (although quietly inside I’m really hoping that you do love it 🙂


In this Concise and Simplistic Book, you will Discover:

–> What the Glycemic Index really is
–> How the G.I is “ranked”
–> Why you should go low on the GI
–> The kind of foods that are on the GI diet
–> Exactly how low you should go
–> The benefits of a low G.I diet for weight loss
–> How the GI Diet works
–> Phases of the Glycemic Index Diet
–> Foods with a low GI content
–> Computing the GI of an entire meal
–> Sample one-week meal plan + Other meal ideas
–> How to take control of yourself and Listen to your body
–> How to Stick to the low GI when shopping
–> Minding the low GI when eating out
–> Strategies to keep those pounds off
–> Simple Exercises that work (Without going to the Gym)

*****So, if you are ready to Discover those Facts then…Grab a Copy of my book now…I Guarantee you will be happy you did!…if you aren’t then I will do your house chores for 1 week………(nah, just kidding…buy the book…you’ll learn loads and have fun doing it)… See you on the inside 🙂


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  1. Excellent!! This book is very well written, and the great research that was done to publish it as a guide for society to follow was excellent. I also recommended two excellent choices!

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