Quick Low Carb Cookbook: 37 Delicious Low Carb Recipes In 15 Minutes Or Less (Low Carb Cookbooks)

How To Prepare Delicious, Healthy Low Carb Meals In 15 Minutes Or Less

I Believe Anyone Can Cook Delicious Low Carb Meals Fast and Easy With These Great Recipes

You could be just 15 minutes away from your next delicious meal! In this book you will learn:

How To Cook Faster, Eat Better and Live Healthier

Who said healthy food had to take a long time to prepare? Not anymore! With these super fast, easy recipes you too can dazzle your family and friends with your delicious meals in just 15 minutes.

Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Great

If you’ve ever tried a low carb cookbook and felt like your tastebuds just died, it’s not your fault! Most low carb recipe books are simply remakes of delicious recipes with the carbs removed. That’s just a recipe for bland food! But with these simple, delicious recipes, you’re getting the best of the best – and your friends won’t even care about the low carbohydrate content of the food because it will taste so good.

Low Carb Comfort Food For The Family

If you crave comfort food like pork tacos, meatloaf and pizza, this cookbook won’t disappoint! You’ll learn how to make a delicious low-carb pizza using a delicious, crispy cauliflower crust… and much more!

Carb Counts and Calories For Every Recipe

Every recipe comes with an exact carb count per serving ranging from just 1g to 17g per serving. These are the ultimate low carb recipes without sacrificing the flavor!

Awesome Fast Cooking Techniques Included

Cooking meals in 15 minutes or less isn’t just about making super-simple meals with only one or two ingredients. Instead, it’s about learning how to make great meals faster through better food prep, planning ahead and these super quick cooking techniques.


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