Easy, Delicious Diabetic Recipes: A Cookbook for a Healthy Life

Gone are the old days of a highly restrictive so-called `diabetic diet.` Today`s commonsense guidelines for managing diabetes allow for greater flexibility and enjoyment.In this delicious new cookbook, the editors of Health Magazine present recipes that use tasty, whole foods to provide maximum health benefits and satisfaction. From simple, nutritious breakfasts to hearty, delicious dinners, your customers will be doing the right thing for their health-and their taste buds-with every recipe in this book.


One thought on “Easy, Delicious Diabetic Recipes: A Cookbook for a Healthy Life

  1. Favorite book among my collection. I L O V E this book. I’m 1 of 4 members of a gourmet diabetic cooking club and every week we meet taking turns trying new recipes. Most of the recipes I’ve used come from this book because (1) every recipe has a picture (important to me) (2) the recipes are gourmet in nature, and (3) so far, all the recipes have gotten great reviews from the members of my group. I’m buying more books by this author.

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