Bayer Contour Next Ez Blood Glucose Monitoring System

For self-testing, monitoring and management of blood glucose. Proven accuracy. Ready to use out of the box. Simple to use: no coding technology, small blood sample (0.6 microliters) and fast 5-second countdown. Personalized settings: optional advanced features and pre- and post-meal markers with adjustable testing alarms. Can be used with Bayer’s diabetes management software. In this kit you will find: Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter, user guide and quick reference guide, Bayer’s Microlet 2

Product Features

  • lancing device, 10 Microlet colored lancets, logbook and carrying case.


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2 Responses to “Bayer Contour Next Ez Blood Glucose Monitoring System”

  1. John M. Wong Says:

    Contour Next meter is much better than the old Contour meters for consistancy of test reading Very consistent test results. Multiple test readings at the same time show very little variation unlike the older Contour meters.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When I was diagnosed as a diabetic last year I dreaded the thought of having to check my blood sugar frequently. Up to that point I’d never done it before and was more than a little put off at the idea. This machine was the easiest thing to work. You press the on button and it tells you what to do! It makes testing your blood sugar easy!

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