Barefoot ScienceFoot Strengthening System, Ladies 12 – 13, Men’s 10 – 11 1/2, Ful Length, 1 Pair

For the past century the foot care industries have pursued technologies that brace, cushion and support the foot. Musculoskeletal alignment begins with the feet. Barefoot Science Multipurpose insoles strengthen the foot and actually correct the issues associated with them. This version has been designed with extra material around the toe area for trimming and is appropriate for shoes that feature a removable insole, such as most athletic and recreational shoes. Typically, the generic insole that comes with these types of shoe is slightly contoured and may interfere with how flat the Barefoot Science System is able to rest in the shoe, so it must be removed. After removing the generic insole, trim the Barefoot Science insole according to the Instructions and place it in the shoe, making sure it lies flat and flush against the ends and sides of the interior of the shoe.

Product Features

  • Clinically proven to effectively relieve pain and discomfort caused by flat feet, excessive pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, calluses, fatigue and cramping, and to alleviate foot-related knee problems, shin splints, hip, and back pain
  • The Barefoot Science patented arch activation foot strengthening insole system is designed to gently work and rehabilitate the weak foot musclesand lazy arches that are often the cause of foot -related problems and pain
  • Barefoot Science provides the safe and natural neuromuscular stimulation required for optimal foot dynamics in response to increased activity levels, regardless of activity
  • Effectively improves blood circulation in the foot area and reduces the risk of calluses appearing
  • Improving circulation and reducing the possibility of venous pooling or neuropathy


2 thoughts on “Barefoot ScienceFoot Strengthening System, Ladies 12 – 13, Men’s 10 – 11 1/2, Ful Length, 1 Pair

  1. Best support I’ve ever had. I’ve been through so many arch supports that are completely worthless. Dr. Scholls would work for 3-4 days before they were so worn that it was like walking on paper. Store bought arch supports just couldn’t cut it. I had a pair of these for close to two years before they finally gave out and I had to buy this recent set. I am so thankful that these have popped up on Amazon so I can get them more readily. My feet feel better already just knowing they’re nearby. It’s best to build up slowly, give yourself time to adjust.I was born with club foot and after several surgeries my foot is less than normal and these are the only arch supports that have ever taken the pain out of my feet, knees, back, and all the way up to my neck and shoulders. I love to go running and these get me moving again. The cost may be daunting but $12 a month for cheapo supports will add up a lot faster than paying this price one time in as much as two years. In a few pay checks I’ll be ordering some back up pairs for my other shoes. Give these a try and they will change your world!

  2. pain be gone these are perfect inserts for making your foot muscles work. i’ve had a pair for years and probably should replace them. i got these for someone else and they too love them.

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