Natural Balance Dry Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Pea and Salmon Recipe, 10 Pound Bag

Natural Balance Grain Free Limited Ingredient Green Pea & Salmon Formula Dry Cat Food is our special grain free allergy formula that is made specifically for cats and kittens prone to allergies.

Product Features

  • Green Peas- Premium quality carbohydrate, rich in potassium and a highly digestible energy source.
  • Fresh Salmon-Premium quality protein source not commonly used in pet foods.
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Colors or Bleached Ingredients.


2 thoughts on “Natural Balance Dry Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Pea and Salmon Recipe, 10 Pound Bag

  1. Option of cats with allergies After spending more on allergen-free food from my vet than I spend on groceries for myself, I looked for a reasonable option for my special-needs kitty who is apparently allergic to something in regular cat food.This food is way cheaper than specialty food from the vet, and my cat’s allergic reactions slowly went away after we switched. It smells like death, but it works.

  2. Healthy Cat Food, less stinky outcome I love Fionna, really I do. She is sleek and black and such a cat. However, her daily doody brought tears to my eyes. Company would suddenly remember forgotten appointments. It was enough to wake me from a sound sleep….in my three story house. I also noticed bloody poo some of the time. My daughter had similar problems with one of her cats. Her vet recommended NB Cat Food. It is the best!! Both of my cats looooooovvve it! While I cant’ say the litter box is completely odor-free, the aroma is much more tolerable and within normal range of kitty smells. Both cats are grateful for the change. I highly recommend Natural Balance Green Pea and Salmon Cat food. The one made with duck makes my cats quite happy, also.

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