The Other Side of the Driveway: A Diabetic’s Point of View

Do you want to learn how to live with type 1 diabetes and its complications? This book will show you how to take the challenge like I have after living with this disease for over 50 years.


One thought on “The Other Side of the Driveway: A Diabetic’s Point of View

  1. A Diabetics opinion of this book Dottie’s book is a delightful and insightful journey of her life-long experiences with a chronic illness, Diabetes. She helps us to understand the child who is faced with the inital diagnosis, her fears, her realities and her passage into adulthood. We get to share her joys and sadness through her marriage, children, grandchildren, work and a divorce. We see her continue to cope with ongoing and new medical problems and inspite of it all, she triumphs. The other side of the driveway is not new to Dottie, and she shows us that we all often have to tackle just one more challenge after another. She teaches us that we can conquer the other side, even if it means that we must take a rest, drink a big glass of ice-cold sweet tea, and push ourselves just a bit more. When we follow Dottie’s advice, we often find the exhiliration she describes when conquering something we just aren’t sure we can do. From a lesson learned in her childhood, she shares with us that just about anything is possible if we desire it. Her ability to connect with the reader on many levels will draw you into her story and her life, and like me, you will get to know a most amazing lady. For anyone who is struggling with how to continue to live with a chronic illness, Dottie’s example and advice should be a welcome read.

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