Magnetic Therapy Diabetes Belt with No Side Effects

Endocrine System: Secretes hormones from endocrine glands directly into blood. Use this belt 15-30 minutes daily morning and evening. Place the magnetic portion over. 1) Pancreas(for diabetes) 2) Liver(for liver disorders) 3) Stomach(for belly pain) 4)Solar plexus (for naval). Safe with no side effects. Decease healing times by 50 Percent. Natural, used since 800 BC.

Product Features

  • Most useful in controlling diabetes.
  • Stimulates the pencreas to produce more insulin, there by reducing the need for external supply of insulin.
  • Normalizes the activity of adrenal glands.
  • Strengthens the weak bladder. Controls prostrate glands enlargement.
  • Controls uninary track infections. To be worn for 30 minutes, morning & evening i.e twice a day.


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