Healing and Preventing Diabetes Nerve Damage, Muscular Aches and Pains With Baby’s Milk

Living with diabetes and its complications tested this author’s endurance and will to live — until one day, out of curiosity and flash of inspiration — she decided to drink the same baby’s ready-made milk formula her infant grandson was taking.

By taking measured ingestion of a baby’s liquid formula, author felt rejuvenated after gaining physical strength. She is now pain-free from the devastating effects of diabetes neuropathies that hounded her for over 14 years.

The information in this book sets a precedent that will enable elderly diabetics, non-diabetics, and non-elderly who suffer from muscular aches and pains to potentially live pain-free lives.

Once the readers actually experience the benefits of taking baby’s ready-made formula, they will recommend the information in this book so that others will experience the gift of renewed zest for living.


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