50 Things You Need to Know about Diabetes: Expert Tips for Taking Control

Why make diabetes harder than it has to be? 50 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes explains what you need to know about diabetes care, eating right, and staying healthy. It cuts through the confusion, jargon, and conflicting information with lighthearted, simple advice on eating right, exercising, and staying healthy.


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  1. 50 Things You Need To Know About Diabetes Upon reading a magazine on Diabetes I noticed this book being advertised. It’s reviews intrigued me to visit the local library and check it out. The book was fairly new and not in stock but the library had it on order for their inventory. It finally arrived and the reviews were very accurate. The author covered every aspect and every day application of a Type I or Type II Diabetic. The book is power packed with practical information, online website references, as well as other publications. I returned the book to the library but decided I needed this book for my personal use so I ordered it. I’m still learning things about being a Type II Diabetic and this book is excellent for every phase and age of a Diabetic person.

  2. A bit too schoolmarmish for my tastes No one really wants to acknowledge they have a medical condition which can cause them great harm if not controlled. Fortunately, we live in an era where Type 2 diabetes can be controlled. I have learned that most people with Type 2 diabetes don’t know just how damaging it can be. Nor do they know how to care for themselves in every way necessary: diet, exercise, controlling sugar, even the clothes you wear. Author Kathleen Stanley is obviously qualified in counseling people with diabetes. Unfortunately she writes as if she were standing at the front of a classroom. And she tries very hard to cover every topic of importance to controlling diabetes. The result is a tiring presentation. Stanley tries to lighten the presentation from time to time, but her attempts generally fall flat. But the saving grace is that Stanley does provide a huge amount of information to help the diabetic. There’s a lot of preaching as well, not in the religious sense, but in the manner of beseeching you to do things to preserve your health. Though obviously well intentioned, that gets tedious too. Overall, a valuable book for the diabetic who wants to understand and, to the extent possible, control their disease, but a tiring read.Jerry

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