The Low GI Diet Cookbook: 100 Simple, Delicious Smart-Carb Recipes-The Proven Way to Lose Weight and Eat for Lifelong Health (Glucose Revolution)

Based on the healthy low-GI eating principles established in The Low GI Diet Revolution, New York Times bestselling authors Jennie Brand-Miller and Kaye Foster-Powell, along with Joanna McMillan-Price, offer readers a companion cookbook packed with 100 delicious recipes that incorporate the top 100 low-GI foods. The New Glucose Revolution Cookbook covers everything from breakfast, snacks, and juices to dinner, dessert, and smoothies and features a special section on cooking essentials. Complete with important information on food shopping the low-GI way, kids meals, menu plans to suit our busy lifestyles, and gorgeous four-color photographs throughout, The New Glucose Revolution Cookbook makes sticking to a low-GI diet easy and enjoyable.


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3 Responses to “The Low GI Diet Cookbook: 100 Simple, Delicious Smart-Carb Recipes-The Proven Way to Lose Weight and Eat for Lifelong Health (Glucose Revolution)”

  1. S. March Says:

    Nutritional Info Included – YAY! I liked this book for many reasons, and one of them is that it provides nutritional info for each recipe — including, fat, carbs, protein, fiber and sodium! With so many people having other nutritional interests in addition to GI rating, this is a big plus!It also provides color photos of almost every recipe, which I find very helpful as well. I look forward to the “Forthcoming” titles that are listed inside. If they are anything like this one, I will buy them as well.

  2. chicitysue "chicitysue" Says:

    Too many odd spices and ingredients The recipes in this book look really good. It is a beautiful book. However, too many require unusual spices and ingredients for the ordinary cook. On the other hand, some of the recipes do use everyday ingredients.Many of the recipes also require the use of a blender or food processor. That involves extra steps and cleanup.Also, I was under the impression that whole wheat pastas had a lower GI index than regular pastas, and she doesn’t use these in her recipes.What I needed was a low GI cookbook with ordinary ingredients and simple recipes.

  3. Nancy Kamm Says:

    Great book – covers the subject completely with fantastic photos with the recipes! I’ve been following the G.I. Diet for almost a year and, upon the recommendation of my doctor, use Rick Gallop’s “The G.I. Diet” which makes it extremely simple to follow the diet. After purchasing 4 G.I. Diet Cookbooks, this book stands out as the best. This is a VERY high quality book in every sense of the word. You won’t regret adding this book to your collection.

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