Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments: Conditions of Nerve Pain and Dysfunction

Some estimates by medical research groups state that up to 20 million Americans suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy (PN) and this number is much higher when worldwide statistics are considered. One major reason for the rise in incidence for these conditions of damage to the nerves in the body that results in pain and dysfunction in them is the increase in cases of diabetes and pre-diabetic syndromes. There are many other causes of PN however, including old age, viral infections, nutritional deficiencies, various autoimmune diseases, dysfunction of the arterial system (blood circulation) and drug-use of both prescribed types and varieties of illegal drugs. Within the chapters of this book, I address the types of symptoms involved in PN diseases, the types of nerves that can be affected and treatments that are administered to treat underlying causes of PN and to directly address its symptoms. NOTE: This book is approximately 5,779 words in length. It is not an extensive medical journal but rather contains aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking. TABLE OF CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: My Personal Battle with Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) CHAPTER TWO: Nerve Damage from Diabetes and Metabolic Syndromes CHAPTER THREE: Other Systemic Diseases Associated with Development of PN CHAPTER FOUR: Viruses that Cause or Contribute to PN CHAPTER FIVE: Nutritional Deficiencies that Lead to PN CHAPTER SIX: Directly Addressing Symptoms of PN It is my sincere hope that this book will serve to gain its readers, a good general education on the subject of Peripheral Neuropathy.


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