Omron HEM-712CLC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Cuff

Taking your blood pressure is easy with this fully automatic monitor. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press START. In seconds, your blood pressure and pulse readings are shown on the digital display.Not only does the HEM-712CLC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor utilize Omron’s patented IntelliSense technology, but it also features an larger cuff that is perfect for larger-sized arms. It’s easy to apply the cuff to your arm without any assistance — simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press start. In seconds your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the large digital panel. Proven time and time again, Omron’s IntelliSense technology ensures accurate, clinically-proven, and comfortable readings.

The Omron HEM-712CLC delivers accurate, clinically-proven blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home. View larger.

To take an accurate reading, first position the green marker directly over the artery on the inside of your arm.

Next, place your arm on a table so the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart.

Instructions for Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors
There are several easy steps to taking your blood pressure with this monitor. First of all, avoid eating, smoking, and exercising for at least 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Remove tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm, and sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slide your left arm through the cuff and position the cuff approximately 0.5-inches above the elbow. On the cuff you’ll notice a green marker; position this marker directly over the artery on the inside of your arm. Next, secure the cuff with the Velcro material. The cuff should make direct contact with your skin, but you should be able to easily fit your index finger between the cuff and your arm.

Place your arm on a table so that the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart. Rest comfortably in a relaxed environment for at least 15 minutes prior to taking your blood pressure measurement. Once you feel relaxed, simply press the start button and remain still. The cuff will begin to inflate and numbers will appear on the display as the heart symbol flashes. When the measurement is complete, the cuff will deflate, and your blood pressure and pulse rate will display on the screen. If you need to stop the measurement at any time, simply press the on/off button and the monitor will immediately deflate. And remember, always consult your physician for specific information about your blood pressure.

What is IntelliSense?
The IntelliSense monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use — you never have to make any adjustments to select an inflation level. This is especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders because their blood pressure is so likely to fluctuate. The biggest advantage of using the IntelliSense technology is a personalized inflation, every time, for maximum comfort.

The Importance of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
Doctors, diabetes educators, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals all recommend home blood pressure monitoring for various reasons. Home monitoring provides your healthcare professionals with better information to understand and manage your high blood pressure. Many types of hypertension can only be detected by monitoring your blood pressure at home, including:

  • White-Coat Hypertension: blood pressure reading is high in your doctor’s office but lower at home
  • Masked Hypertension: blood pressure reading is low in doctor’s office but higher at home
  • Morning Hypertension: blood pressure reading is higher in the morning

Additionally, many factors can affect your blood pressure, including physical exertion, emotional fluctuations, medications, and stress. So having your blood pressure monitored at a pharmacy with an in-store device after you’ve been shopping or walking around might not provide you with the most accurate measurement. Monitoring your blood pressure at home allows you achieve a relaxed state more easily, and it gives you the flexibility to take your measurements at various times during the day. By keeping track of your home blood pressure readings, you can provide your healthcare professional with a log of your measurements over time. This can help them evaluate the effectiveness or need for medication.

What’s in the Box
Omron HEM-712CLC blood pressure monitor, large cuff, and instruction manual.

Product Features

  • Designed to provide accurate blood pressure readings at home
  • IntelliSense monitor inflates cuff to the ideal level with each use
  • Large digital panel displays blood pressure and pulse readings
  • Cuff fits arms 13 to 17 inches in circumference
  • Main unit measures 4.75 x 3.375 x 5.625 inches (WxHxD)


2 thoughts on “Omron HEM-712CLC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Cuff

  1. High quality and acurate, but really think about the auto inflate feature This is an okay unit, but I wish I’d bought one without the “auto inflate” feature. The trouble is, after the cuff is inflated, it takes more than seven seconds for the program chip to detect that it is full and time to start the slow deflation cycle.Seven seconds with your circulation cut off in your arm is a painful long time. It is longer than you think.But it is very accurate. There was absolutely no standard deviation from these measurements and the ones my nurse and doctor did right after with their professional units, so quality is very high.

  2. Good Product at a Good Price I ordered the Omron HEM-712CLC from Amazon after much research and can also confirm that this unit comes with the large cuff for an arm circumference of 13 to 17 inches (hence the designation “LC” at the end of the model number which stands for large cuff). I also was initially confused by the product description here on Amazon’s page which notes the product has a 9-13 inch cuff but the description is wrong–as of the date of this review–my unit came with the large cuff (13 to 17 inches).I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and my cardiologist recommended an Omron machine for home use to keep track of my blood pressure as I started on medication. After much online and in-store research I felt this unit was good quality, had all the features I wanted, and had the best price.I am quite happy with my decision and the unit so far. It’s easy to use, gives accurate readings and the large cuff fits me well. My cardiologist told me a large cuff is important for me to get the most accurate readings. If your arm is smaller than 13″ you will want to go for a smaller cuff. I don’t have a smaller cuff yet but if my wife wanted to use the machine, it looks like the cuffs can be interchanged quite easily by simply unplugging from the machine the rubber hose from one size cuff and plugging in the rubber hose from the other cuff. No problem.I recommend this unit as a good quality machine at a good price.Additional info as of August 2010: My machine is still working like a champ. Still highly recommended!

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