Nova Max Link Blood Glucose Monitor

The Nova Max Link Blood Glucose Monitoring System helps your Paradigm Insulin Pump to calculate how much insulin your body needs. Paradigm insulin Pump receives stored data through wireless transmission from your Nova Max Link. These results can be downloaded to your personal computer. (Software and Cable not included) Nova Max Link automatically sends new blood glucose test results to your Paradigm Insulin Pump for use by the Bolus Wizard Calculator. This calculates the amount of insulin you will need to reach your target blood glucose level. Nova Max Link also stores up to 400 blood glucose test results and plugs into your personal computer to help you to understand y our treatment patterns and optimize your pump therapy. Kit Includes: 1 Nova Max Link Blood Glucose Monitor Lancing Device Vial of Control Solution 10 Lancets Day Case Battery Owners Guide Quick Reference Guide Getting Started Poster Warranty Card Clear Cap & Instructions for Forearm and Palm Testing

Product Features

  • Wireless communication of your blood glucose level to a Paradigm Insulin Pump
  • Absolutely NO CODING required, so you don’t have to worry about finding the code that matches
  • Small blood sample for a virtually painless testing
  • Fast results within 5 seconds
  • Alternate site testing for increased comfort


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