Neuragen Nerve Pain, Topical Gel

Homeopathic. Gel form of Neuragen. Fast relief from nerve pain Temporary relief from: shooting nerve pain; burning nerve pain; tingling nerve pain; stabbing nerve pain.

Product Features

  • Neuragen PN neuragel topical gel temporary relief from nerve-related pain.
  • It contains the same ingredients as Neuragen PN, but many people find the gel format easier to apply to the site of pain.
  • It is temporary relief from nerve-related pain.


2 thoughts on “Neuragen Nerve Pain, Topical Gel

  1. Neuragen Topical gel This is an amazing product that takes less than 3 minutes to kill nerve pain.I have fibromyalgia, diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. This is truly a life saver.Worth every dollar!Sincerely,Marquita M. Doshier

  2. superior relief from diabetic neuropathy. This seller shipped very quickly. The product works wonders for my nerve pain and tingling. It works fairly quickly and lasts several hours – usually all night. I often get severe itching from the condition and this stops it very well. Most over the counter products advertised for this condition simply cause a burning sensation, due to the ingredient,capsacian. Neuragen just makes it go away. Its a minor miracle after many months of lost sleep and misery. Im sure it doesnt work for everyone. But its well worth trying if the condition is driving you crazy. Its expensive, but it only takes a tiny bit per area and it brings wonderful relief.

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