Nerve Support Formula for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain

There are many causes of Neuropathy. It is an acquired disease. Unfortunately, drugs and medications only cover up the symptoms and usually do nothing to address the underlying causes. The good news is that cutting-edge science and nutrition have come together to create a natural breakthrough for people who are affected by neuropathy. This is a condition where the nerves have been damaged. While, diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common forms of neuropathy, many forms of neuropathy are found in people who are not diabetic. Nerve Damage has many causes. Neuropathy can affect the feet, legs, hands and arms, and it can occur on both sides of the body. Motor nerve damage can create lack of balance and coordination. NOW, A REAL SOLUTION – The WSN (R) Nerve Support Formula is the most technologically advanced product of its kind with a bioavailable forms of vitamins which have been validated by numerous studies and clinical trials for relief of all types of neuropathy. Regular B1 and B12 can not be readily utilized by the body. The special form of B1 – benfothiamine and B12 methylcobalimine can be utilized. A bottle containing 120 capsules is now $44.20. The Consultants of WSN (Wellness Support Network) have many years of experience working with individuals who have been suffering with neuropathy. As part of your purchase, you can contact them at any time about your condition. They provide customers with guidance on their diet, exercise, and progress on an individual-by-individual basis. They assist customers in working out solutions to problems unique to their own situation to ensure they get relief.

Product Features

  • Relief from the symptoms of nerve damage no matter what the cause.
  • Relief without the side effects; 7-1/2 years of successes
  • “It is amazing! The neuropathy in my feet, especially my toes is gone!” – Sandra Peters, Tennessee
  • Safely reduce or entirely eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by neuropathy without drugs or medications.
  • Get your quality of life back!


3 thoughts on “Nerve Support Formula for Relief of Peripheral, Diabetic & Poly Neuropathy Nerve Pain

  1. decent product, annoying sales tactics While I’m not sure if this product helped me, it didn’t hurt me. I didn’t have a miraculous recovery from using it over three months, but it may have supported my body on some level. I realize this is typical of many supplements – some people have fantastic results, while others have varied shades of success.However, the most notable thing about buying this product is that it comes with a support staff who email, snail mail and call at an alarmingly constant rate in order to try to get you to sign up for regular delivery. The people calling are nice, but the effort was really overkill. I think i would be more apt order the product again if i knew it didn’t come with the sales pitch.Update – February 2012——————–While I didn’t have great luck with this supplement, I did find that taking Boswelia (I used Avesta brand that i purchased at WholeFoods) really helped my neuropathy. I had responded well to steroids, but couldn’t continue taking them so I did research and read that Boswelia (an anti-inflammatory herb) is an alternative to steroids. My neuropathy seems to have an inflammatory component which is why Boswelia was especially helpful for me. Boswelia improved my neuropathic symptoms so much that i stopped taking the pills everyday and only take them when i have a flare. Boswelia did irritate my stomach, so be careful if you have a sensitive stomach.Other things that i used that believe also helped were and , tart cherry (I ordered directly from Traverse Bay Farms) and .Jucing green leafy vegetables, celery, and garlic is also quite helpful during flares. If you are new to juicing, you can start out with celery juice which is easier to palate than kale and garlic.There are many types of neuropathy so I can’t promise what worked for me will help you, but i wish you all luck in finding any relief, even a small amount.

  2. PLEASE GIVE THIS A TRY! I have had numbness in my fingers for about a year and it got progressively worse. My arms, hands, lower legs and feet had prickling sensation. I sometimes felt like my arms and hands were covered in ice. My sleep was frequently disrupted by the tingling sensation. My hands and feet were frequently cold to the touch. After going to the doctor’s, having blood tests, being tested for carpal tunnel, and then going to a neurologist, I was diagnosed with neuropathy. I didn’t want to believe I had some weird thing such as this to add to my Reynaud’s Disease. I started taking a multi-vitamin and B supplement because my blood tests showed I was low in folate acid. Tests 4 weeks later showed my folate was higher but my neuropathy was not any better. I was discouraged by the doctor’s comments and lack of help. I researched on-line and found the WSN Nerve Support Formula and said what do I have to lose with a money back guarantee. I’m writing this to tell you, PLEASE order this! I have only been taking it 1 ½ weeks and I already feel my condition is 50% better. I will be ordering another bottle today to continue my 6 per day. I also plan to post this message on various websites in hopes of helping someone else. There is hope!

  3. Did not work for me I went to two neurologists and was diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy (do not know the cause). I am not a diabetic of any shape or form. I tried this product for 60 days and it did not seem to have any affect. This is not to say that it will not work for someone else. These people really gave me a hard sell by calling and sending e-mails. At first they say you should see results in 2 weeks. When it does not work then they say that sometimes it takes over 90 days to see results.I have to believe that this product is snake oil.

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