How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine

More are at risk for diabetes than ever before. But diabetes is not inevitable. And for those who already have it, it may be reversible.

Now, two leading natural medicine and diabetes experts-Drs. Michael T. Murray (author of How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine and Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine) and Michael Lyons-offer a complete, individualized nutrition program, and proven exercise and lifestyle changes for preventing, treating, and even reversing diabetes. This unique book will help readers:

– Assess the risk of developing diabetes
– Learn how to prevent diabetes even if they have a family history of the disease
– Reduce or eliminate their dependency on medications
– Promote weight loss, normalize blood sugar levels, and eliminate complications
– Reverse diabetes, even if they currently take insulin

This book is essential for anyone who is overweight; has a family history of diabetes or a personal or family history of heart disease; has pre-diabetes, low blood sugar, or borderline high blood sugar; or lives a sedentary lifestyle. It’s a vital tool for helping readers live a healthy and active life.


3 thoughts on “How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine

  1. Based on solid principles In general, I avoid the “diet and supplement” solutions to all health problems. Not that I don’t believe that diet and dietary supplements don’t work – rather, that I don’t have the tools to tell the crackpots from the serious researchers. This book caught my attention for several reasons:(1) its diet is not based on the USDA recommendations but rather on the food pyramid from Harvard, Asia and the Mediterranean diets. To this it adds the 5 color fruit and vegetable recommendations and the glycemic load data.(2)it uses scientific not ancedotal bases for its recommendations. For example, it notes that chromium has been shown to have a positive effect but only in those with a chromium deficiency.(3)it adjusts it recommendations to fit the diabetes of an individual – type of diabetes, degree of current control of blood sugar levels and status regarding a variety of complications of the disease.(4)it assumes that primary care is in the hands of a “conventional doctor” and may include medications, exercise and mental elements. In this context, it recommends more comprehensive monitoring of body chemicals than is the protocol for many doctors.

  2. Natural Medicines for Diabetes by Michael Murray Diabetes impacts the heart, stroke, blood pressure, classicdiabetic nerve damage and autoimmune disease. Risk factors areaggravated by the high consumption of white sugar by Americans.Risks can be mitigated with cod liver oil and Omega 3 fish oils.Type I diabetes may be prevented with proper nutrition, decreased nitrates and avoidance of food allergies. Early breast-feeding is known to protect the child by promoting a healthy gut. Diabetesmay be controlled naturally with multivitamins, flavonoids and probiotics (introduction of good bacteria into the system).Food allergies are aggravated by diarrhea, constipation, gas,muscle and joint pain. Foods with a low glycemic index areapples, asparagus, broccoli, celery, cucumber, grapefruit, tomato, lettuce, spinach , strawberries nuts and seeds.Oatmeal, peas, pita bread, beans and yams have intermediate levels on the glycemic index.This book is excellent for anyone desiring more detailed information on the various types of diabetes and sugar control.It is a worthy purchase for any personal library.

  3. A lifestyle changer This book has changed my life. I am now acutely aware of what and how I am eating and how I am conducting my life to stay healthy and avoid escalating my pre-diabetic condition to type II diabetes. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a change to a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether diabetes is a problem or not.

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