Home Diagnostics TrueTrack Test Strips, 50 Count

Featuring capillary action and requiring only a one microliter blood sample, easy-to-handle TrueTrack Smart System Test Strips cost up to 30% less than other systems. Plus, they’re covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans. TrueTrack Test Strips are only compatible with the TrueTrack Smart System Blood Glucose Monitor.

Product Features

  • 1ul blood sample
  • Capillary action
  • Automatic on upon insertion of strip
  • 10 second test time
  • Audible test strip fill detection


2 thoughts on “Home Diagnostics TrueTrack Test Strips, 50 Count

  1. Awesome Sender/ Company I ordered these on the 1st and received them on the 5th. They shipped the item the next day. That’s four day’s and that includes the weekend which is really quick. Not much to say about the product itself, that’s pretty self explanatory. But, what the sender does do for you is give you a couple of prescription savings cards for FREE that can save between 15-75% on prescriptions. You only need one card, they never expire, and you receive three and you are free to share them with others. That i think is really cool and generous of the company so thank you. One thing i would like to see though is a receipt but that’s only a minor problem and isn’t totally necessary. Plus when i ordered these i had to pay for shipping but now they are offering free shipping which is an improvement it’s just i wish i received the free shipping as well and saved myself a couple bucks. But no issue these still were the cheapest ones i could find even with shipping.

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