GenExel-Sein DUO-CARE Combined Blood Glucose and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

DUO-CARE is the first combined blood glucose and blood pressure monitor intended for home use. The monitor is compact and lightweight device, designed for ease of use, comfort, and accurate measurements. For the diabetic patient, or anyone concerned with everyday health monitoring, DUO-CARE offers advanced technologies, exceptional analytic performance, and unparalleled convenience. The glucose test is reported in 5 seconds with only 0.5 microliters of blood; blood pressure results are generated in about 30 seconds using advanced oscillometric wrist-cuff technology. The DUO-CARE package contains all items needed to operate the monitor and familiarize the user with its proper function (monitor, 2 AAA batteries, check strip, glucose test strips (vial of 10), lancet device, lancets (package of 10), instruction manual, quick reference guide, and measurement log book). An attractive carrying pouch is provided for easy storage of the monitor and accessories. Routine blood glucose testing requires the separate purchase of DUO-CARE glucose test strips (only DUO-CARE glucose test strips may be used with the DUO-CARE monitor).

Product Features

  • Blood glucose results in 5 seconds with 0.5 microliter sample
  • Comfortable, quick wrist blood pressure measurements
  • Memory function stores results for both blood glucose and blood pressure tests
  • Use only Duo-Care Test Strips for glucose measurements
  • Combined blood glucose and blood pressure monitor


2 thoughts on “GenExel-Sein DUO-CARE Combined Blood Glucose and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. I really like this tester I bought this item to try out, and really like everything about it. The only thing that is not ideal are the actual readings that compare with two other meters. I compared them to my readings at the doctor’s office, and it was off by about 10 points with the blood glucose reading and also with the blood pressure reading. Just for information purposes. It is nice to be able to test both at the same time however.

  2. Worked for a week, and then no more glucose monitor… This is a nice device, easy to carry, easy to use and accurate. I did not have any issues with expiration dates on strips. The previous reviews seem to be old feedbacks from last year. The manufacturer might have solved those issues since then because the current product is simply great. I have bought 3 of them for family members and they all like the product. no expiration dates issues so far…

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