Diabetic Foot Problems

This pioneering textbook is the first one ever on diabetic foot problems. With contributions from a multidisciplinary panel of experts, it presents a comprehensive curriculum on the topic. This includes global and socio-economic aspects of diabetes; a team approach; basic science of the foot (anatomy and biomechanics); clinical assessment and classification systems for diabetic foot problems; endocrine aspects; diabetic foot infections (clinical presentation and management); amputations in diabetic foot surgery (predictive factors, major and distal amputations, rehabilitation and phantom pain management); care of diabetic wounds (including the role of the latest technologically advanced dressings, vacuum dressings, anodyne therapy, ultrasonic debridement and extracorporeal shockwave therapy); and diabetic footcare and diabetic footwear.

Contents: Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications: A Global Problem (A Nather & P H Wu); Team Approach for Diabetic Foot Problems — The Singapore Experience (A Nather et al.); Foot at Risk (A Erasmus & A Jorgensen); Assessment of Peripheral Neuropathy (T Tsao & A Nather); Management of Diabetes (S B Chionh); Antibiotics in the Management of Diabetic Foot Infections (C Ong & P A Tambyah); Necrotising Fasciitis (A Nather & T Setiobudi); Predictive Factors for Limb Salvage — The Singapore Experience (A Nather et al.); Major Amputations in Diabetics (A Nather & G Singh); Rehabilitation Following Major Lower Limb Amputation (A K S Lim & A Nather); Phantom Pain and Its Management (W Kusumaningsih); Management and Complications of Charcot Joint Disease (A Nather & T Setiobudi); Types of Dressings for Diabetic Foot Ulcers (T Tsao & A Nather); Role of Anodyne Therapy for Healing of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers (A Nather et al.); Role of Ultrasonic Debridement for Healing of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers (A Erasmus et al.); Vacuum Assisted Closure in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (Y-P Peng); Diabetic Foot Care (T Tsao); Diabetic Footwear: Current Status and Future Directions (A Nather & G Singh); Footwear Habits in Diabetics With and Without Diabetic Foot Problems The Singapore Experience (A Nather et al.); and other chapters.


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