Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

Advance praise for Stop Prediabetes Now

“As usual, Jack Challem has brought us a book right on target and ahead of the health curve. This surprising, unbiased book tells the truth about a condition that has clearly become a hidden epidemic in this country. Stop Prediabetes Now is one of the most important books to be published in a very long time.”
-Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S., New York Times bestselling author of The Fat Flush Plan and The Fast Track Detox Diet

“In this important and timely book, Jack Challem and Dr. Ron Hunninghake explain what most doctors can’t-that type 2 diabetes and prediabetes can actually be reversed and eliminated by eating properly, exercising, and controlling weight. The authors have demystified diabetes and made the solution clear and accessible to everyone. If everyone followed the advice in Stop Prediabetes Now, we would have a much healthier world.”
-Mark Liponis, M.D., Corporate Medical Director, Canyon Ranch, and author of UltraLongevity

“Diabetes and prediabetes are nutritional diseases, and the best way to prevent and reverse them is through nutrition. Once again, Jack Challem shows that he’s ahead of the curve with practical advice for improving eating habits and taking nutritional supplements.”
-Ronald L. Hoffman, M.D., author of How to Talk to Your Doctor

“Prediabetes has become a modern epidemic, about to overshadow every other health problem. Jack Challem and Dr. Ron Hunninghake have pieced together the research and clinical experience to create an easy-to-follow plan that everyone can use to prevent and reverse prediabetes and diabetes and their devastating health consequences. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay healthy and alive.”
-Marcus Laux, N.D., editor of Dr. Marcus Laux’s Naturally Well Today newsletter

“The epidemics of prediabetes and overweight are having catastrophic health consequences. This book provides the solution, with detailed yet easy-to-follow advice on eating, taking supplements, and engaging in more physical activity. By preventing and reversing prediabetes and overweight, we’ll save billions of dollars-and millions of lives.”
-Fred Pescatore, M.D., author of The Hamptons Diet


3 thoughts on “Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

  1. Pre diabetes I have read most of Jack Challem’s books, and this latest on how to avoid diabetes is by far his best effort. It should really be treated as a manual, as the book provides lessons on getting and maintaining normal blood sugar and avoiding diabetes. However, the ease of reading and understanding the profound, yet simple to follow guidelines, reads more like a great book. My family has an extensive history of diabetics, and three of my siblings have it. My mother passed away in my arms, before she would have needed to leave this earth, due to diabetes..She had several surgeries on her feet, removing toes, and part of her feet, and she was blind at the end. I do not want to have to die this way…Thanks to the information in this awesome book, I have already lowered my fasting blood sugars from 94, to a normal range of 81 within a couple of weeks. I monitor my blood sugar follow simple eating and exercise habits outlined in easy to follow guidelines and have never felt better.

  2. Well written, easy to integrate There are several good books for diabetics, and several more for people interested in a more natural diet. This is one of the few books, perhaps the only current book, specifically focused on prediabetes. That’s important for people like me who found themselves to be prediabetic with no idea of what that word meant, and no outward signs that diabetes was a real threat. The book is smoothly written, clearly organized, and educational without being pedantic or academic. It’s also very easy to integrate with diets like South Beach, the Abs Diet, and the slow-and-natural approach Michael Pollan advocates in In Defense of Food. If you’re already trying to live a healthier lifestyle, this book will help you easily modify your life to accommodate your concerns about prediabetes. If you’re just starting to learn about prediabetes and healthier options, this book is the place to begin. The authors claim that within just a couple of days of implementing changes you’ll feel significantly better. I found that to be absolutely true and three months later it remains true. I would have paid $10,000 or more for that just three months ago, so the book has been a steal.

  3. Just What I Was Looking For I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar by my doctor and this book has all the information I needed regarding foods to eat, foods to avoid and suggestions on diet, good recipes, supplements and gives breakdowns on good and bad fruits and carbohydrates. It is organized well and has lots of information. I got exactly what I needed and would highly recommend it to anyone with questions on what they should eat and do with prediabetes.

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