Reversing Diabetes

“Reversing Diabetes” covers and explains diabetes causes, diabetes testing, diabetes and alcohol, diabetes complications, the deadly diabetes statistics, complications of type 2 diabetes and possible diabetes cures. How to prevent diabetes is emphasized. What causes diabetes and the diabetes statistics are well covered. Information on diabetes is often hidden because mainstream medicine treats the disease symptoms with drugs instead of eliminating the root problems caused by weight gain and diet. Mainstream treatment pays little attention to what causes diabetes. Drugs cannot cure diabetes, only diet and lifestyle can reverse diabetes. Effective supplements, vitamins and minerals, plus hormone influences are covered. Information on diabetes by alternative doctors… M.D.’s. N.D.’s and PhD researchers… provide proven solutions for diabetes complications and diabetes risk factors. Their research and clinical experience will enlighten you about what is diabetes, sugar diabetes symptoms, cause of diabetes and the complications of type 2 diabetes; they are enormous. Reversing Diabetes distils scientifically proven information from over 26 sources. Sugar diabetes symptoms, diabetes risk factors, diabetes and alcohol, diabetes testing, the cause of diabetes and how to prevent diabetes are all covered. This knowledge about what is the cause of diabetes empowers you to reverse diabetes. There truly is a cure for type 2 diabetes. This book is written for a layman’s understanding and this knowledge gives you that power.


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