Low Gi Belly Fat Diet – The Flat Belly Action Plan

Every week, some new diet book comes out with what sounds like a new twist on losing weight and feeling better. Most of them have their fifteen minutes of fame and then fade away into the half-price bookstores.

Let’s face it; most diets are designed to get the weight off, BUT THEN WHAT?

Once you stop using the diet it is very likely that the weight you lost will return, and often with a few extra pounds as a painful bonus. Most people end up feeling worse than they did before they started the new diet.

As such, many people simply give up in frustration and begin to accept their current weight and condition. This does not need to be the case for you ANYMORE. Losing weight and keeping it off permanently does not need to be hit and miss.

Finally, there’s a plan that has proven science behind it and a diet that you can use on a daily basis as long as you want – LONG TERM. Actually, calling it a diet is doing it a dis-service, as it becomes more of a lifestyle plan. It can fit into your daily routine easily and allows you to ENJOY FOOD and LOSE WEIGHT at the SAME TIME.

I’m talking about… the Low Gi Diet…

Here’s what you’ll discover in the “Low GI Belly Fat Diet”…

* How to cut through all the diet misinformation that’s out there and focus on the tried and true tips that are GUARANTEED to help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible!

* Exactly why going on the LOW GI Diet offers so many TERRIFIC HEALTH BENEFITS, such as lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduced chances of contracting heart disease, more energy and much, much more!

* Why only 5% of dieters SUCCEED and what you can do to ensure you are one of those lucky 5%!

* The diet secrets that will send your metabolism SOARING through the roof and turn your body into fat-melting machine!

* How to easily double or even triple the effectiveness of your exercise sessions – follow these tips and your body will become a literal FAT-BURNING FURNACE!

* The 13 BEST foods to eat on the Low GI Diet

* The 17 WORST foods to eat on the Low GI Diet

* Sooner or later every dieter hits “the wall”, that is a point where they stop losing weight – I’ll tell you exactly what to do to SMASH through that wall and continue DROPPING POUNDS like they were flies!

* How to quickly and easily lose those last 10 to 20 pounds of body fat so that you can get the LEAN, MEAN body of your dreams!

* How to instantly send your energy levels SKYROCKETING!

* How to avoid the cardinal dieting sins that cause 95% of dieters to fail – follow this advice and you are practically guaranteed to not just REACH BUT EXCEED your weight loss goals!

* The little known secret that will GET RID of stubborn fat so fast it will make your head spin!

* How to develop the MINDSET that will ensure you maintain permanent weight loss. You’ll learn goal setting and motivation tactics that will allow you to practically “hypnotize” yourself into SUCCEEDING BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!

* What high GI foods and drinks make your blood sugar behave like a bottle rocket — SKYROCKETING up, then CRASHING to earth!

* How to follow the Low GI Diet out in the “REAL WORLD” – just follow these three major guidelines and you will soon be AMAZED at how much weight you’ve lost and how much better you feel!

* How to create “GUT-BUSTING” meals for yourself, plus I’ll give you 14 examples of fat-burning breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

* You already know that 95% of dieters fail – I’ll tell you EXACTLY what staples and ingredients to keep on hand in your kitchen and pantry to help ensure you are not one of them!

Bottom line…

Providing perfect nutrition to your body is the healthiest way to achieve a flat belly and its why the Low Gi Diet has been endorsed by many celebrities and athletes…


2 thoughts on “Low Gi Belly Fat Diet – The Flat Belly Action Plan

  1. Practical and Easy to Read Advice on the Glycemic Index I am a Physician Assistant in a family practice. The vast majority or my patients are obese or overweight. Many of these same patients suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. At the heart of their medical problem is their lifestyle and their diet.Finding a book that is written in a way that the vast majority of lay people will understand has been difficult for me. When you say the words Glycemic Index to most patients, their eyes start to glaze over right away. One of the things that I love about this book is that it is called the Low GI Belly fat Diet. None of those words are hard to read or hard to understand. I had one patient ask me if this was the diet that the marines and army soldiers used since it had the word GI in it.The book explains the concept of low and high glycemic foods in a very accessible way. Examples of foods and menus are given throughout the book and the author promises that by the end of the book you will come to know what a low and a high GI food is and be able to choose you food accordingly. Practical advice is given regarding what to look for at a grocery story and at a fast food restaurants as well as advice on what you should be cooking at home.One of the observations in this book, that is 100% true, is that people today eat a lot less fat than they ever did before. The author observes, however, that despite this, obesity rates have never been higher. This fact is not meant to imply that fat is good, it is instead intended to educate the reader on the dangers of “low Fat foods”. The authors informs us that in the grocery store, most foods that are labeled “low fat”, are chock full of ingredients with a high glycemic index. Health care providers know this fact but many lay people still chose ‘low fat’ foods thinking that they are making a healthier food choice.You may think that you are an expert on the glycemic index, I thought that I was, but you will come away from this books with concepts that are never, or hardly ever written about. Once such concept is called the Glycemic Load. This is a number that is given to each food based not only on it’s GI but also takes into account the carbohydrate counts and the portion size of the food item.If you have read books on the Atkins, Zone and South Beach diets, do not think that you know what is in this book. This is not THAT type of a diet and their is much that is new here.This book is really terrific and the advice here is easy to read, easy to put into place and easy to make a habit of. Making a habit of eating healthy, low glycemic foods is the answer to our obesity epidemic. We should all educate ourselves on the glycemic index because our health will be much better as a result.

  2. Great Product Amazon Kindle FreebieWell organized, recognizable data, with suggested recipes, exercise combinations, etc. Most helpful for those just learning about GI load [index] and how to adopt it into a lifestyle.But… I found this information readily available – for FREE – on the net. Then again, and missing out on the Kindel Freebie, those wanting a singular source for all that information, the purchase is worth it.

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